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A one stop place for all the recipes on south indian tiffin recipes or south indian breakfast recipes and all the indian breakfast recipes, also find easy and quick breakfast recipes ,instant breakfast recipes which are usually made in indian states.

egg fried rice recipe | how to make egg fried rice spicy


Egg fried rice is a fried rice recipe made using scrambled eggs and rice. I have made restaurant style version of egg fried rice which is almost close to chinese style. This is a chinese fried rice where I have used rice and scrambled eggs. The rice is nicely fried with eggs and some veggies…

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aloo paratha recipe | punjabi aloo paratha | how to make aloo paratha


Aloo paratha is a traditional punjabi cuisine commonly eaten for breakfasts and they are usually in the form of pancakes made using whole wheat flour. Parathas is a staple punjabi food and they are usually made using various vegetables like mooli, carrot, beetroot, cabbage, gobi, methi etc…  They are served by applying ghee all over…

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Tomato Rice Recipe South Indian, Thakkali Sadam | Tomato Bath


Tomato rice is a traditional south indian rice recipe made using tomato flavors mixed up with cooked rice. Its a common breakfast cum lunch rice recipe quite popular all across south india. The color of the rice is so appealing and attractive and the taste of the tomato rice is quite yum. Tomato rice is…

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Pulihora Recipe Andhra, Tamarind Rice Recipe | Chintapandu Pulihora


Pulihora is another version of rice recipe across andhra region and south india as well. It is a tangy rice recipe made using tangy pulp of tamarind in tempered rice. The rice is tempered and tangy tamarind pulpy flavor  is added to give the perfect taste of south indian style pulihora. Pulihora is a breakfast…

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Pesarattu Recipe Andhra, Pesarattu dosa | Green Gram Dosa


Pesarattu recipe is a traditional south indian breakfast recipe…It is a very healthy breakfast recipe usually accompanied with chutneys such as onion tomato chutney… Pesarattu dosa is in the form of a pancake which is made by using moong dal and rice…Here inorder to make this recipe whole green moong dal and rice is soaked…

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Rava Dosa Recipe South Indian Instant and Crispy, Sooji Dosa | Onion Rava Dosa


Rava dosa is a dosa made apart from regular dosas like onion dosa, masala dosa etc… It is unlike other dosas as it is made instantly and quick and is a very quick recipe. Other dosa recipes or breakfast recipes on the blog: pesarattu dosa wheat dosa masala dosa plain dosa with dosa batter onion…

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Lemon Rice Recipe South Indian Style, Chitrannam | Nimmakaya Pulihora


Lemon rice is a traditional and a popular recipe down south popularly called as chitrannam or nimmakaya pulihora in telugu version of the recipe…            It is the easiest and a tangy flavored recipe which is basically a tempered rice often made in yellow color.            …

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