Indian Dal Recipes

Find a variety of dal recipes from India, be it south indian dal recipes, north indian dal recipes, hyderabadi dal recipes, gujarati dal recipes, punjabi dal recipes, moong dal recipes, masoor dal recipes, urad dal recipes, toor dal recipes, chana dal recipes, rajasthani dal recipes etc...

Dosakaya Pappu Recipe Andhra, Dosakaya Tomato Pappu


Dosakaya pappu is a traditional dal or pappu recipe made using dosakaya or yellow cucumber to be eaten with dal or roti… It is a thick dal made using dosakaya, onions, tomatoes, tamarind, green chillies and with aromatic tempering. In India down south many pappu recipes are made and with every vegetable a pappu recipe…

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Pesarattu Recipe Andhra, Pesarattu dosa | Green Gram Dosa


Pesarattu recipe is a traditional south indian breakfast recipe…It is a very healthy breakfast recipe usually accompanied with chutneys such as onion tomato chutney… Pesarattu dosa is in the form of a pancake which is made by using moong dal and rice…Here inorder to make this recipe whole green moong dal and rice is soaked…

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Pappu Charu Recipe Andhra, How To Make Pappu Charu | Dal Rasam


                  Pappu charu recipe is yet again another delicious recipe from andhra cuisine and ‘pappu’ is dal or lentils and ‘charu’ is a tangy flavored thin consistency pulp cooked with dal goes very well with aloo fry or potato fry, bendakaya fry, carrot fry, karela fry or kakarakaya…

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Tomato Pappu Recipe Andhra Style, Tomato Dal Recipe


Tomato Pappu recipe is a most popular dal recipe in South India mainly in Andhra region and telangana region. This pappu recipe is the basic dal recipe made on regular basis in these regions called as andhra pappu recipe too. Related pappu recipes with vegetables: mamidikaya pappu or mango dal beerakaya pappu pappu charu andhra…

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