Green Juice   Benefits

(Weight loss cleanse)

Green juice recipe for weight loss, a healthy fat burning and cleansing green drink to lose weight with regular consumption.

Drinking this green drink every day is not harmful and helps cleanse the body with frequent usage and regular consumption.

Add chopped pieces of celery, ginger, lemon extract, cucumber into a blending jar. Add water as per required consistency.


Blend the juice well for a few minutes until it gets smooth. Can use a juicer or blending jar to make this green drink.


– Pour the juice into a serving glass. – Consume fresh juice immediately as it gives better results rather than storing and drinking.


Drink before meals or during bedtime. Having it regularly shows better results with weight loss and also helps in cleansing the body well.


1. Celery is beneficial to humans in many ways such as in controlling blood sugar levels and thus preventing cataract formations in the eyes.


2. Cucumber in the juice can easily flush out the toxins from the body and reduce cholesterol levels by improving digestion.


3. As all the ingredients work towards reducing cholesterol, they can act as great weight loss ingredients


For more details about green juice check out the recipe below and know more!!!