Chia seeds weight loss water and benefits

Chia seeds water is a weight loss water where the chia seeds are soaked well in water to drink at any time of the day to lose weight.

Add a teaspoon or two teaspoonfuls of chia seeds to a glass of water and stir well  for few minutes.


Soak for 30 minutes and allow the seeds to absorb water and double up in size. They expand ten times their size.


Using chia seeds in soaked form is more beneficial than not in a soaked form. Can also be consumed directly.


Add lemon and honey to enhance the taste and consume the drink. Can also be taken without adding lemon or honey.



Having a protein-rich diet rather than high carbohydrates diet is always a good and healthy option.


It is known to control blood sugar levels and can improve heart health if taken in any form.


It is a low-calorie seed and can replace unhealthy drinks and can aid in weight loss as well as keep hydrated.

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