About Us

Hello Everyone,

                           A warm welcome to my blog for all the food lovers. This is Asiya Subhani, a graduate student of Engineering and Technology from Hyderabad. I have always had passion for cooking but could not do it as I was busy with my studies. As I completed my studies I started cooking at home. To my surprise my family members loved the taste of my delicacies. Ever since I developed a passion and started cooking for everyone in my family. They love the taste of every dish I make which has motivated me to try out many recipes . I usually give a twist to my recipes which turn the recipes tastier.

                           I thought of letting the secrets out and sharing my own recipes to the world with my food blog with detailed step by step instructions on recipes. I would like to encourage people to learn the art of cooking with simple directions of cooking.

                             Readers can feel free to ask any query related to cooking by mailing me with the help of contact form. I will be happy to tell you the basics of cooking with ease.

About this blog: This blog is mainly about our every day Indian recipes with all the vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes along with different snacks, desserts, soups, rice delicacies, dals, curries, different cuisines mainly focussing on Hyderabadi and South Indian Cuisine and other cuisines as well which would be added as I update my blog. Indian Cuisine is liked by most of them across the whole world and therefore, I would like to share Indian Recipes and spread it across the globe and globalise the Indian Cuisine.

               I would like my readers to please visit my blog pages, facebook , google, twitter, and pinterest and like it or share it which will help me in improving my blog and sharing all my recipes in the future.

                    For any queries mail us at yummyindiankitchen@gmail.com or reach me through contact form.