Nimbu Pani Recipe, How To Make Nimbu Pani | Shikanji Recipe

Nimbu Pani recipe is the most popular summer lemonade drink in India made using sweet lemons and is a quick and perfect drink to beat the scorching heat.

Nimbu pani  which I shall be sharing is also called as shikanji recipe or shikanjvi in some parts of India.

The health benefits of this lemonade drink are that it replenishes all the body salts after workouts, it prevents from acne, wrinkles, strengthens our immune system.

           Kids in summers should be given this wonder drink to keep them at ease during their examinations in summers and to keep themselves cool and relaxing…


I am glad to share this chilled refreshing summer special recipe with my blog readers who have always been looking for this lemon juice and I have made this nimbu pani in the right way which would keep our tummy cool and it tastes really amazing…

The shikanji recipe also called as nimbu pani  takes in quite a few ingredients into it and the key ingredient is the sweet lemon or nimbu. It mainly uses sugar and black salt which gives the balanced taste to the nimbu shikanji.


When we choose to make this wonder drink one should keep in mind to choose the best lemons available that should taste sweet and not bitter. Bitter taste lime changes the drink into a bitter one.

Since it is summer time in India, I would love to share some of the summer special beverages and summer drinks to beat this scorching heat and also which keeps our tummy cool.


Nimbu pani is the quickest and simplest of all the sharbat recipes and can be served chilled when guests arrive in summers. The nimbu pani can be modified in various other ways and nimbu can be added to many drinks and served chilled with ice cubes.

         Below I would be sharing a detailed post on how to make nimbu pani or shikanji recipe.

How to make nimbu pani perfectly:

Nimbu Pani Recipe or Shikanji Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
An easy refreshing summer drink made with lemons/ nimbu to be served chilled.
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 3
  • 1 medium size nimbu/lemon
  • 8 -10 tsp sugar powdered or as required
  • ½ tsp black salt
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ice cubes
  • 3 glasses of chilled water
  • few mint leaves (optional)
  1. Firstly take a bowl, into it cut the nimbu into two halves and squeeze out its juice into the bowl and throw away the seeds or use a lemon squeezer.
  2. Into it, add powdered sugar as required.
  3. Also add black salt, add normal salt.
  4. Add about half cup water into the bowl and whisk the whole mixture until sugar is dissolved perfectly.
  5. Add this dissolved concentrate into the chilled water and mix well.
  6. Take 3 glasses.
  7. Into them add ice cubes and pour the nimbu pani into the glasses.
  8. Also garnish with mint leaves(optional).
  9. Serve chilled!!!
1.After making the lemon concentrate, add powdered sugar into the concentrate if required or preferred and dissolve well.
2.Never add sugar after making the lemon juice as the sugar does not dissolve well and takes lots of time to dissolve.
3.Adding more of black salt may turn the nimbu pani a bit bitter and hence adding the mentioned ingredients in proportion is very essential.
4.Storing the lemon concentrate is something that I do not prefer as making fresh nimbu drink tastes good and nimbu juice from stored concentrate may taste bitter.
5.If willing add roasted cumin seeds powder into the concentrate for extra flavor.

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