Dates Milkshake Recipe, How To Make Dates Milk Shake

Dates milkshake is a healthy sweet shake recipe made using dates called as ‘khajoor’ in urdu and is a very healthy date milkshake recipe combined with milk and dates.

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     Dates are quite commonly seen in gulf countries and we usually get to see trees of date plam all around in the middle eastern countries and it can also be said as their staple food.


         Dates are made in various ways and today in this post, I would like to share a drink recipe made using dates which is a dates milk shake and is a very simple, easy two ingredient recipe.

Beverages or fruit juices, milk shakes are quite healthy and they can be made using every single fruit or dry fruits and I would love to share various milk shake recipes and today being dates special and also the month of Ramadan too has just passed therefore, would love to write down the recipe details of dates milkshake.

Shot these milkshake pics during Ramadan but couldn’t find the time to write down its recipe….Hope my readers would try out this simple recipe as a healthy drink in your daily diet and not just during Ramadan…


                   Usually dates are used to break the fast during iftars in the month of Ramazan and I also thought of making use of dates to make other varieties too and they can be used to make dates ladoo, dates chutney  etc…

Today’s recipe special is a very healthy and a few ingredients recipe perfect for our health as dates have lots of benefits on our health.

   Dates are very helpful in improving digestion and they are also a rich source of iron and also are an important source of vitamin B. They also help in giving us more energy and also help in preventing constipation too…


        Taking dates in any form is good for health and they are mostly seedless and therefore, removing the seeds out, washing them properly is  must before eating them directly or using them in recipes….

Dates are usually used as toppings or as garnishing on sweet dishes, cakes etc…. So do include dates in your diet and enjoy their health benefits and also their healing properties…

 How to make dates milkshake recipe:

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Dates Milkshake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A healthy drink made with milk and dates...
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 1-2
  • 7-8 dates/khajoor
  • 2 tbsp sugar/as required
  • 1½ glass of boiled and chilled milk
  • some ice cubes
  1. Firstly, wash the dates and remove their seeds from inside.
  2. Take a blender or juice blender, into it add seedless dates, sugar and 4-5 tbsp of milk.
  3. Blend this mixture well for few minutes.
  4. Now add the rest of the milk, ice cubes and blend all the ingredients together for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Strain the milkshake and pour the shake into the glass.
  6. Serve chilled!!!
1.In this recipe I have added sugar but, inorder to make the drink even more healthier it is better to skip adding sugar.
2.Instead of sugar one can also add a tsp of honey into the milkshake while blending.
3.To make this milkshake even more rich one can even add soaked almond paste while blending the shake.

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